Since 2018, we’ve been the top choice for Shipping and Transportation

Whether it is an important business proposal with a tight deadline or a company moving from one building to another, businesses have turned to our team at Champion Global Logistics for years.


Champion Global Logistics

We offer ground delivery, same day service, nonstop expedited shipping, lab delivery, overnight delivery, diamond courier service, and various trucking services to businesses and individuals in the Great Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Desert areas, and delivering throughout the western United States.

Same-Day Service Anywhere, Anytime

CGL is truly one of the fastest and most efficient courier services in all of the Southern California area and now adding Las Vegas.

We believe in being honest with our customers, which is why we will never make a promise we can’t keep. Instead, we work with our customers to develop a shipping plan that is both attainable and realistic.

Our Customer Services

In addition to same day service, our company is in a league of its own when it comes to providing local businesses and individuals with:

Overnight Delivery

Nonstop Expedited Shipping

Lab Delivery

Diamond Courier Services